2019, coloured pencil, 21 cm x 30 cm

To Marie
2019 - 2020, coloured pencil, 20 cm x 30 cm

Based on an intimate story, this serie of illustrations enlgihts the burden of double identity,

and the ambivalent feelings of absence and invasion. Work in progress.

Sunny raincoat
2020, coloured pencils, 29,7 cm x 21 cm


Inspired by my departure from Strasbourg, after 5 years studying there.

Luisa Miller
2019, coloured pencils, 21 cm x 30 cm


Inspired by Verdi’s opera Luisa Miller this drawing was made for Teatro de Liceu’s booklet,
in Barcelona.

White wagtail
2019, coloured pencils and watercolour, 15cm x 15 cm

This little bird was named after the very particular movement his tail makes to move
on the ground and stay balanced.

Maleficas Modernas
2019, ink on paper, 841 cm x 594 cm


Maleficas Modernas is a feminist project. The text written on each poster comes from the Malleus Maleficarum, “The Hammer of Witches”, a book used by the Inquisition during
witch-hunting, published on the XV th century. The illustration represent habits
of a lot of women nowadays, to create show a discrepancy or  a link between the extracts
of the book. The posters were visible on the street during the exhibition “ Feminism(s): gender of forms ” (« Le(s) féminisme(s) : formes en tous genres »), in Strasbourg.