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The little Prince

From glass to sea




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The Little Prince
2019, graphite, 10  cm x 15 cm

As a child, I used to listen a lot to my audio tape of the The Little Prince, and I know it almost by heart now. This book is a rewrite of this very famous story, based on my remembrances and my misunderstandings of some parts of the text. The illustrations are similar
to the images I pictured while listening to the story.

From glass to sea
2018, pop-up book, 30 cm x 14 cm

This animated book is based on the jellyfish Pelagia Noctiluca's surprising habilities,
and the glass model in its likeness realized by Rudolph and Leopold Blaschka.
The movement of the paper evokes the jellyfish's when it swims, and the use of UV ink shows her astonishing capacity to glow in the dark.